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Jovan Pesec  


was born  in the Slovenian-language-area of Carinthia (Austria). He studied composition at the conservatory of Klagenfurt. He first learned classic guitar as an autodidact. Further education followed in master-courses by Heinz Irmler and Konrad Ragossnig. His  compositions, that have experienced numerous successful performances, focus mainly on the classical guitar.

the.legend.of.novajor, man.dra.gora and moon.rain are composed in a traditional, romantic style. The newest compositions, zarkos.cry, hexagon, mare.lunare, radin.ovir.waltz,, v.i.r.u.s,  t.a.b.o.o and chauce.mar  use computer-aided  techniques as  part of  the interaction between guitar, synthesizer and computer.

Beside music, the passion of Jovan Pesec is dedicated to playing tournament chess on the Internet and the geometry of fractals. His graphic work shows the fascinating beauty of fractals embedded in different themes like "amulets", "chess", "erotic garden" etc. and in covers of his published music.

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Jovan Pesec in the age of 2

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