See the beautifull DNA-structure of AIDS-Rhadinovirus.

Music as MIDI-files

01. radin.ovir://mutuation.number.one


02. nadir.ivor://mutuation.number.two    finished 
03. danir.vori://mutuation.number.three finished
04. narid.rovi://mutuation.number.four finished
05. dinar.viro://mutuation.number.five finished
06. nidar.rivo://mutuation.number.sex finished

01.radin.ovir://mutuation.number.one is the strictly recommended master piece for the first round of the International Guitar Competition 2001 in Rust, Austria. 

This composition does not follow conventional harmony rules. It follows the rules of the amino acids and the proteins in the DNS. That sounds strange. Don't worry!  Listen to the MIDI of the composition,  hear the harmony of the HIV-DNA and you will catch the rules. But keep always in mind, the computer can give you only a poor idea of the interpretation of the work. Bring life in the DNS-structure of the Rhadino virus and feel completely free in tempo, expression and so on.

Obligatory piece of the
International Guitar Compettition Rust 2001


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The whole composotion will be published under edition.guillen by Musikverlag Trekel!


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