After the first performance of  v.i.r.u.s, at the International Guitar Festival Rust 2002 Gabriel Guillén asked me for a quintet, a composition for guitar and string quartet. A concert on the occasion of the 150th brithday of Francisco Tárrega. The only goal I had, the composition should be based on a famous composition of Tárrega…

Tárrega is well known in the world of classical guitar (see “Francisco Tárrega Biography”) and a friend of classical guitar music knows his famous pieces Recuerdos de la Alhambra, Danza mora, Capricco arabe, his Preludes and so on….

Francisco Tárrega


Starting the design of the piece, it was complete clear to me, what I have to do. When I was 15 years old, I started my first guitar lessons with Una Lagrima of  Francisco Tárrega, later I studied Danza mora and La Alborado. And I played these pieces very often since these times, and I play it again today.

I decided to design the quintet based on Danza mora and La Alborado.  

The composition starts with a mutuationon La Alborado. The second movement was based on La Alborado in the high voices and Danza mora in the low voices. The third movement was based on Danza mora. The three mutuations of were designed using the help of SSEYO KoanPro®, a great synthesizer and music generation program. The notation work of the whole composition was done using ENCORE, the final tuning  and polishing with Cakewalk Sonar®. The performance and harddisk recording was done with Nemesys GigaStudio 160® in the v4m studio. is a palindrom, something like a puzzle, the title of the piece was constructed using all the characters of laalborado and danzamora. The title of the mutuations are also parts of anagrams of those words. This play around with characters should demonstrate part of the mutuation techniques, which were in constructing the whole composition. Especially the guitar voice of is really not easy to perform, because of the strange tuning of the guitar,  but some mutuations are like a lovely breeze. Try to find it out and…




Jovan Pesec

Wien, 16th November 2001 



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