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Jovan Pesec plays "ganymede" from "zarkos.cry" on GigaStudio160


28.November 2003:
28.July 2003: mare.lunares
25.June 2003:
20.April 2003: j.o.v.a.l.u.n.a
21.February 2003:
12.Januar 2003: novajor.concerto
7.morphs.4.jovaluna.on composed by Jovan Pesec was first performed by Heinz Irmler, professor at the University for Arts and Music in Graz, at a Judith.P.Fischer exhibition called "body.scapes"  . Heinz Irmler played with great empathy and had big success.

Please view the album of the exhibition.

mare.lunare concerto.4.jovaluna.&.strings


A great composition for jovaluna is finished now. It is a hommage to Antonio Vivaldi, a modern concert for guitar, in the manner of a barock concert by the great composer Antonio Vivaldi.

The sound and the possibilites of the jovaluna fantastically suit this special composition technique. The jovaluna is like the moon, has a silvery sound, suggests a combination of a guitar and a cembalo.

Please come to the International Guitarfestival Rust 2004, and hear the jovaluna playing mare.lunare performed by Heinz Irmler and accompained by the Hungarian Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra conducted by Georg Kugi.

A short impression of the piece is given by the finale of 03.oceanum.procellarum

The first composition for the jovaluna is a hommage to J.A. Losy, a series of  morphs, based on an aria by the same composer. Before I started composing this piece, I experimented with several styles and techniques. One of the problems of the jovaluna is that the barrees are really difficult to play because of the very high string tension. So I decided to compose a piece without barrees.

Please come to the International Guitarfestival Rust 2004 and hear the result.

jovaluna found.its.master

"What a wonderful sound", said Heinz Irmler, Professor at the University for Arts in Graz, when he first experienced the jovaluna.
The jovaluna ist a twelve string fourth guitar, developed by Jovan Pesec and was built by Frank-Peter Dietrich, a fomous german guitar maker.
More information about  jovaluna soon...


joseph.haydn concerto.4.guitar.&

"Since 1989 I have wanted to play this wonderful cello concerto by one of the greatest masters on my guitar! Jovan has made my dream come true. I have studied it... Fantastic, great!!!", said Gabriel Guillén.



Please listen to 1.moderato, recorded with Jovan Pesec & Virtuosi di Nova at the in Vienna.

The concert will be first performed at the International Guitar Festival Rust 2004  featuring Gabriel Guillén & the Hungarian Philharhonic Chamber Orchestra, under conductor Georg Kugi.


Jovan Pesec started the design and composition of a new concerto for guitar and orchestra.
It is based on the legend "night.mare" from the "legends.of.novajor".
The concerto consists of four mouvements:

1.the.walking.death (finished)

You can download the movements (a virtual performance, recorded with Jovan Pesec & Virtuosi di Nova at the in Vienna) from the links above.
For more information see project.fantasy



*contact Jovan Pesec.


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