30.March 2011: jovan.pesec.finished.the.concerto..the.night.mare
26.March 2011:
22.January 2011: rosa.fanziska.recorded.tarrega.&
12.December 2010: anna.slezakova.finished.recording.of.just.guitar!

14.August 2010: maria.miteva.&.olga.dimitrova.&.ingrid.oberkanins.perform..alien.lullaby
10.Juli 2010: oskar.marijan.&.armin.egger.perform..jovan.pesec
22.August 2009: mitteva.&.dimitrova.perform..romance.anonymus
13.August 2008: mitteva.&.dimitrova.perform..gilmaranua
23.December: heinz.irmler.performs.albinoni
9.April: antonio.vivaldi.1 antonio.vivaldi://concerto.4.guitar.&
16.Januar 2007: alle.tausend.jahre.wachsen.mir.flügel
20.November 2006:
11.October 2006: gabriel.guillen.performs.mozart
13.July 2006: domenico.scarlatt://24.sonatas.4.guitar.duo
3.April 2006: duo.stoyanova.performs.liszt
28.March 2006: g.f.handel://the.harmonious.blacksmith
1.Januar 2006: marcello.pesec://concerto.4.guitar.&
12.November 2005: hummel.pesec://grand.concerto.4.guitar.&.orchestra
22.October 2005: gabriel.guillén/haydn/jovan.pesec/in.hainburg
26.August 2005: antonio.soler://12.sonatas.4.guitar.solo
7-13.August 2005: guitar.festival.brno
17.July 2005:


On Saturday, 31.3.2011 Jovan Pesec finished the composition
This concerto is based on old legends from Austria and has 4 movements:



Jovan Pesec composed two versions, one for violoncello and the second for guitar and orchestra.
Please listen to


On Saturday, 26 March 2011, Rosa Franziska Maier, a 13 years old student of Elisabeth Irmler at the Conservatory of Graz contunued the recording of a CD at in Vienna.

Below you will find the video of the track.

Jan Nepomucen de Bobrowicz: Grandes Variationes on a theme by W.A. Mozart.



On Saturday, 22 February 2011, Rosa Franziska Maier, a 13 years old student of Elisabeth Irmler at the Conservatory of Graz started the recording of a CD at in Vienna.

Below you will find the videos of the first 2 tracks.

Fantasia on Themes from La Traviata by Francisco Tárrega

Rondo from Sonata op.22 by Fernando Sor


Rosa Franziska Maier performs on a classical guitar by Matthias Dammann.



On Saturday, 22 August 2010. Internationale Sommerakademie Lilienfeld (Austria)




On Saturday, 14 August 2010 Stift Melk (Austria)


Sommerkonzerte 2010, Stift Melk, 



On Saturday, 22 August 2009 Stift Melk (Austria)


Sommerkonzerte 2009, Stift Melk, 



On Saturday, 23 August 2008 Stift Melk (Austria)

Sommerkonzerte 2008, Stift Melk, 


On Saturday, 27 November 2008 Heinz Irmler (Guitar) 


This concerto has had the first performance at the International Guitar Festival Rust 2007 on 1th April 2007.
Solist Gabriel Guillén, strings Ensemble Neue Streicher and conductor Christian Birnbaum.

A CD containing this concert will be published soon...


Jovan pesec finsihed the composition "alle.tausend.jahre.wachsen.mir.flügel" for speaker, flute, jovaluna & strings.
The composition is based of the DNA of Jovan Pesec's son Oskar and poems by Arno Holst.

Please listen to  drei.tage.lang.fiel.ein.regen.von.pfirsichblü performed by Jovan Pesec, Chris Tengel (speaker)  and v4m.rechestra.vienna..


On Saturday, 25 Niovember 2006 Heinz Irmler (Jovaluna) performs


by Jovan Pesec.

Conductor: Georg Kugi
Location: Haydnsaal, Tabakfabrik Hainburg, Austria
Time: 6.00


Please listen to performed by Heinz Irmler and v4m.strings.vienna, conductor Georg Kugi
Here you can see and listen to the 3rd movement (the.holy.bishop) of the concert at the Haydnsaal of Tabakfabrik Hainburg/Austria (2006.11.25) with Burgkapelle Bratislava (strings) & Georg Kugi (conductor).



at the

Orchestra: v4m.orchestra.vienna
Conductor: Georg Kugi
Art director: Jovan Pesec

Gabriel Guillen will record together with v4m.orchestra.vienna, conductor Georg Kugi and art director Jovan Pesec all important concerts of the classical guitar repertoire. The project started in summer 2006 and will be finsihed at the end of 2007. On schedule are concerts by Albinoni, Marcello, Vivaldi, Mozart, Haydn, Hummel, Giuliani, Tedesco, Rodrigo and Pesec.
All recordings will be published as full concert and music minus one (without guitar).

Please listen to performed by Gabriel Guillen and v4m.orchestra.vienna, conductor Georg Kugi

domenico.scarlatti://24.sonatas.4.guitar.duo jovan.pesec

This is the greatest collection of  sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti for guitar duo.
Jovan Pesec has arranged the folowing 24 Sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti for guitar duet:
K 31, K 33, K 37, K 44 K 61, K 95, K 119, K 137, K 175, K 185, K 187, K 207, K 238, K 284 K 308, K 337, K 382, K 386, K 427, K 438, K 470, K 491, K 517 & K 551.
The project is a co-operation between Jovan Pesec and Duo Stoyanova.
Duo Stoyanova will select 8-12 sonatas from the whole collection and edit the scores. These scores will be published at the beginning of 2006.
The selected scores will be recorded  with Duo Stoyanova at the in Vienna.


Klicken zum zu schließen

The twin sisters Keti and Boyana Stoyanova were born in 1980 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. They began playing the guitar at the age of 10 and in 1994 started studying at the "Dobrin Petkov" school of music in Plovdiv. By the age of 17, they had given recitals and taken part in various guitar competitions winning several prizes, including a special prize from the Spanish Ambassador to Bulgaria. Keti and Boyana Stoyanova have also taken part in master classes conducted by musicians and composers such as John Duarte, Prof. Bernard Hebb, Finn Svit, Michael Tröster, Roland Dyens, Prof. Carlos Bonell, Prof. Oscar Ghiglia, Pepe Romero, Antigoni Goni, David Tannenbaum, Pavel Steidl and others.

Since 1998, the twins live in Bremen and study at the "Hochschule für Künste" (State College of Music) in the class of Prof. Bernard Hebb. Duo Stoyanova has featured in various international festivals as well as concertized in Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Austria, Germany, Sweden, and Mexico, Ecuador and USA. They have also made live recordings for Radio Bremen and Deutschlandfunk.

Duo Stoyanova was finalist in the prestigious "11eme Concours International de Guitarre en Duo" 2002 in Montélimar, France and won the "Open Strings International Guitar Competition" 2003, in Ösnabruck, Germany.

Their first CD was  published in Oktober 2004 by Acoustic Music Records. For more Information see 



Jovan pesec arranged the famous piece "The.Harmonious Blacksmith" from the suite for harpsichord HWV 430, Air and Variations, by George Frederic Handel for guitar and string quintett.
"The.Harmonious Blacksmith" will be performed at the International Guitar Festival Rust 2006 by Armin Egger and the Armin Egger Consort on Tueaday 11.April 2006 at Seehof.

Please listen to  the.harmonious.blacksmith performed by Jovan Pesec and v4.strings (DAW).


Alessandro Marcello (1684-1750)  left a hotchpotch of modest pieces for various wind instruments with strings, and would have been just another of the forgotten hundreds of jobbing composers had it not been for J. S. Bach.

Marcello's Oboe Concerto in D minor is actually a transcription by Bach, and once Bach takes notice, the rest of the world does too.
Alessandro's brother Benedetto is sometimes wrongly credited as the composer of the piece. But then Benedetto would no doubt have been happy to take any credit he could even if he hadn't done anything to deserve it - as well as being a composer, he was also a politician. Perhaps in an effort to make sure Benedetto couldn't steal more limelight, Alessandro published some pieces under the name of Eterico Stinfalico.

The arrangement of  Alessandro Oboe’s Concerto in D minor  was actually is based on the edition of the Amsterdam publisher J. Rodger’s printing No. 432 of 1716. Johann Sebastian Bach arranged Marcello’s Oboe Concerto for unaccompanied keyboard instrument (BWV 974). The guitar voice of the present arrangement by Jovan Pesec follows predominantly  J.S. Bachs much more interesting musical arrangement.
Marcello’s original composition was written for Oboe, 2 violins, viola and Basso continuo.
Jovan Pesec arranged the concerto fort he following instrumentation:

Guitar, Violins I, Violins II, Violas I, Violas II, Celli, Basses

Please listen to 
performed by Jovan Pesec and v4.strings (DAW).

1.) Aandante e spiccato
2.) Adagio
3.) Presto



Johann Nepomuk Hummel:
Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra in F Major op. 23, arranged for Guitar by Jovan Pesec

Johann Nepomuk Hummel was born in Pressburg (now Bratislava) on November 14th, 1778 and died Êin Weimar on Oktober 17th, 1837. His teachers included Mozart und Albrechtsberger. From 1804 to 1811 he worked as “Concertmaster” for the Esterhazy court in Eisenstadt, Austria. With Mozart, Haydn and Hummel, the circle of the so called  “Old Vienese Guitar Concerti” is concluded.

The present concerto for bassoon has remained unpublished and unknown until modern times, the manuscript forming part of a collection of Hummel’s unpublished manuscripts, preserved at the British Library London, and is titled: “Grand Concerto / per ill Fagotto / con 2 Violini, Viola, Violoncello e Basso / composto del /Sigre Giov. Nep. Hummel / di Vienna”.

To optimize this tuneful concerto for the guitar - which is written completely in the Classical language of the eighteenth century  - it was necessary to transpose the composition from F-major to A-major. The orchestra part was enlarged by 2 oboes and 2 horns and due to this fact, the brillance of the solo and orchestra part has been dramatically increased. Interestingly, we can find many phrases in the original bassoon voice which are characteristic for the guitar. This gives the whole concerto a sound that is  typical of the classical guitar and gives the listener the impression that the concerto was originaly writen for the guitar.

The first movement is in conventional form. In the heartfelt Romanza of the  slow movement, a cadenza has been added. The third and final Rondo movement, has an easy-going subject in 6/8 time and is a beauitful contrast to the more brillant episodes.


Please listen to 
performed by Jovan Pesec and v4.strings (DAW).

1.) Allegro moderato
2.) Romance
3.) Rondo



Joseph Haydn - Jovan Pesec
(1732-1809)                            (1946)

Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra, HOB VII/1b, C-major
Moderato • Adagio • Allegro molto
(transcription for guitar by Jovan Pesec)

Hungarian Philharmonic Orchestra
Cunductor: Georg Kugi
Guitar: Gabriel Guillén

The whole score for the concerto was first composed with Overture 3 and than finished with Overture 4

The below links are to a real performance on 22. October 2005 in Hainburg, Austria.

a) short sequence (2.9 MB):

b.) whole concert:

Joseph Haydn: Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra
C Major Hobb VII/1, arranged for Guitar by Jovan Pesec

The 1765 composed violoncello concerto was for a longer period of time reputed as missing, until it was found in a hand writen manuscript in the 1960s in the Prager National Museum. In 1962 , the concerto was performed very successfuly with the Czechoslovakia Radio Symphony Orchestra at the Prager Spring Concert and since then, has enjoyed great popularity among cello concerti, eventhough the technical requirements on the cellist are very demanding.
Impressed from a recording he heard from the cellist Mstislav Rostropovich, guitartist Gabriel Guillén encouraged composer Jovan Pesec to arrange this famous work for the guitar. For a long period of time Haydn´s demanding Violoncello Concerto was considered almost unplayable, which makes this composition even more difficult on the guitar, since the guitarist plays, along with the melody - which was taken over from the violoncello - an added bass line.

Gabriel Guillén

Gabriel Guillén was born in Maracay, Venezuela. At the age of 8 he began to study the guitar under the Uruguayan guitarist Mario Vidalin, who introduced him to the technique of Abel Carlevaro and the music of Uruguay and Argentina. Later, he studied with Leopoldo Igarza, José Gregorio Guanchez and Alberto Espinosa at the Escela Superior de Música José Lamas.
Between 1984 and 1988 Gabriel Guillén was giving recitals in most of the guitar festivals in Venezuela and toured Venezuela giving recitals in about 15 cities.
In 1988 Gabriel Guillé moved to Vienna, Austria, studying under Prof. Walter Würdinger and in Zurich, Switzerland under Prof. Konrad Ragossnig. During his studies, Guillén gave concerts in most of the European contries, South America, U.S.A and Japan.
After completing his studies in Europe, Gabriel Guillén received the „Merit Award“ from the Austrian Government, the „Amigo de Venezuela“ award from the the Venezuela Postiva and the „Honors Award from the Rotary Club Caracas-Avila. He is now an internationaly acclaimed artist, who teaches at the Joseph Haydn Konservatorium in Eisenstadt, Austria, gives master classes and concerts in more than 25 counrties of the world. A co-operation between Gabriel Guillén and Jovan Pesec was started in 1999 and Gabriel Guillén being one of Jovan Pesec´s most avid supporters. His records are published by Philips and records.v4m (Austria).





12 sonatas of Antonio Soler will be arranged by Jovan Pesec. The project is a co-operation between Gabriel Guillén and Jovan Pesec and the studio.v4m in Vienna.and will be published next year in a special edition.  The recording of the sonatas (artist Gabriel Guillén) will start soon. The work will be finished at the end of the first quarter  of 2006.

Please listen to  sonata.r.081 composed by Antonio Soler, arranged by Jovan Pesec and performed by the great guitar master Gabriel Guillén.
Further examples you will find on

At the  International Guitarfestival Brno 2005, 3 concertos composed or arranged by Jovan Pesec will have a performance with the folowing solists:

Vladislav Blaha:
W.A.Mozart: Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra, KV 191b, A-Dur

Gabriel Guillén:
Joseph Haydn: Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra, HOB VII/1b, C-Dur

Heinz Irmler:
Jovan Pesec: mare.lunare.4.jovaluna.&.strings

The concert will take place at Wednesday 10.8.2005, 20.00 at Kovent Milosrdných bratri, Videnská 7, Brno.

Orchestra: Czech Virtuosi
Conductor: Georg Kugi

Jovan Pesec
will also give a lecture "Computer aided composition & recording" in special consideration of the guitar. The lecture will take place on Tuesday, 2005.08.08 at 4 p.m.

After finishing of : the.crab.nebula.Jovan pesec started now a new composition

It describes the chess game with all his figures and characteristic parts and is based on themes by Georg Friedrich Händel and dedicated to Heinz Irmler..

Please  listen to the first movement 3.the.holy.bishop performed by  Jovan Pesec  with the DAW



*contact Jovan Pesec.


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