nr.5 from novajor://once.upon.a.time composed by Jovan Pesec -


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17.October 2016: "moon.rain" 
   with Julia.P.Feers & Diane McAdams    





8.March 2016: "t.w.i.l.i.g.h.t" 
with Gabriel Guillén & Jovan Pesec at in Vienna   




8.February 2015: first rehersal of "cat.fight" 
with guitARTISTAS at in Vienna   



"cat.fight" is an arrangement of "CATS.EYE from zarkos.cry for AlienGuitarBand,
composed and arranged by Jovan Pesec, dedicated to guitARTISTAS.
This quartet will perform "cat.fight" at the International Guitarfestival Rust/Austria on
Wednesday, 01st April at 19:30 at Seehof.



25.January 2015:


1.October 2014: Jovan Pesec & Gabriel Guillén started the project
play.SCARLATTI - 25.sonatas.4.guitar.solo

Start with
performed by Gabriel Guillén at the Cheapel in Balf/Hungary   


5.September 2014: project novajor://once.upon.a.time

Jovan Pesec finished the last movement  
performed by JovalunaClassicalGigaGuitar & v4m.orchestra ist dedicated to Gabriel Guillén

playLIST → novajor://once.upon.a.time

11.July 2014: whistle.blower.4.flute.&.guitar from m.a.r.i.j.a.n.a.s


whistle.blower, number one from 5.marijanas composed by Jovan Pesec and dedicated to Oskar Marijan
was performed at SOMMERAKADEMIE LILIENFELD 14, Meisterkurse in Musik, in Lilienfeld, Austria.

5.April 2014:


Duo Stoyanova
For a duo one can hardly wish something better than such mutual knowing of each other as it is with the twin sisters.
They successfully feel impulses together via a seemingly telepathic certainty.
Two charming young ladies, who shine with marked interpretation, maturity, and highest technical precision.
A distinctive feature of their playing is the feeling of lightness even during the most complicated passages.

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 25.May 2013:



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