Gabriel Guilln: "This are outstanding classical guitar samples! Jovaluna combines the best classicals virtual guitar instruments I have ever heard!"

Franz Cibulka: "Meine Suche nach Samples fr klassische Gitarre hat mit 'jovaluna' ein Ende gefunden. Endlich kann ich meine Kompositionen fr Gitarre selbst so auf dem GigaSampler spielen, wie ich sie komponiert habe !"

Garry Garritan: "Excellent work. Thank you very much for sharing your music!  Is the guitar really sampled? It sounds fantastic!  Although the strings sound very good, I wish the guitar was louder in the mp3.  Would it be possible to put an exerpt on the GOS site also (along with the Milky Way)?   Are you going to sell your giga guitars? I think you will sell many of them.   I know GOS customers would like your library. Best wishes, Gary."

Dave Strohbeen: "The Rodrigos Concierto de Aranjuez is truely magnificent... very hard to believe that it is sequenced... it sounds live!!!"




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