All libraries consist of 18 mono and 18 stereo instruments. The main instruments have a twelve-way or higher key switching mode and/or a three-way velocity switching. The first dynamic is a softly played note, the second a normal note and the third one a note played near the bridge (hard). Additional you may add a vibrato to every instrument with the modwheel. The natural ranges of the guitar recorded start with C2 or E2 and end with B5 or C5. The libraries start on E1 and end on E6. This is useful for compositions which need a bass guitar or extremely high harmonics. There is no reverb added to the samples, the guitars sound clean. If necessary, please add the NFX1 reverb via DSP Station, preset “NFX1 reverb/multi (stereo) "chamber1" with an “effect” of 55%!
Playing a guitar on the keys of a keyboard is not comparable to playing the guitar proper. Find out the right balance between playability and authenticy and you will be able to use the samples of Jovaluna in the most natural and musical manner.

instr.0: ramirez.concert.key
    keyswitch C0 - D#1
        C0: normal
        C#0: soft
        D0: hard
        D#0: vibrato
        E0: armonico
        F0: pizzikato
        F#0: bartok pizzikato
        G0: apoyando
        G#0: funky A0: string noise
        A#0: tambura on strings
        B0: crossed strings
        C1: FX - special effects
        C#1: jovaluna.normal
        D1: jovaluna.soft
        D#1: jovaluna.hard

instr.1: ramirez.concert
    velocity switch
        0 - 31: soft
        32 - 95: normal
        96 - 128: hard

instr.2: ramirez.normal
    sampled range: C2 - B5 (every note)
instr.3: ramirez.soft
    sampled range: C2 - B5 (every note)
instr.4: ramirez.hard
    sampled range: C2 - B5 (every note)
instr.5: ramirez.vibrato
    sampled range: E2 - B5 (every note)
instr.6: ramirez.armonico
    sampled range: E3 - B5 (every note)
instr.7: ramirez.pizzikato
    sampled range: C2 - E5 (every note)
instr.8: ramirez.bartok.pizzikato
    sampled range: C2 - E5 (every note)
instr.9: ramirez.apoyando
    sampled range: C2 - B5 (every note)
instr.10: ramirez.funky
    sampled range: C2 - E5 (every note)
instr.11: ramirez.string.noise
    sampled range: C2 - D4 (every note)
instr.12: ramirez.tambura.on.strings
    sampled range: C2 - E5 (every note)
instr.13: ramirez.crossed.strings
    sampled range: G2 - C4 (every note)
instr.14: ramirez.FX
    sampled range: 14 samples
instr.15: jovaluna.normal
    based on 2 layers of ramirez.normal & ramirez.soft
instr.16: jovaluna.soft
    based on 2 layers of ramirez.soft & ramirez.vibrato
instr.17: jovaluna.hard
    based on 2 layers of ramirez.hard & ramirez.normal   


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