We chose classical guitars from three outstanding masters of guitar making, each guitar has a special, distinctive sound. These guitars are played by the most famous performers in concerts all over the world.





Volume 1: Guitar by José Ramirez, Madrid, Spain. This guitar has a strong sound and is called the Steinway of guitars! Great for the music of Albeniz, Granados and other romantic Spanish composers.

Volume 2: Guitar by Ignatio Fleta, Barcelona, Spain The most played guitar by contemporary artists. Produces a lovely, sweet sound, suitable for Barrios, Brouwer and other modern Spanish composers.

Volume 3: Guitar by Heinrich Nusko, Salzburg, Austria. If the Ramirez Guitar is like a black-eyed Spanish señorita, the Nusko guitar could be described as a blue-eyed, fair-haired Celtic maiden. Ideal for playing Bach and modern compositions by non-Spanish composers, like Koshkin, Cibulka, Pesec etc..

The jovaluna itself is a forth twelf string guitar with a range from A2 up to A6 with a sound between a harrsichord and a nylon string guitar. This virtual instrument is constructed of samples from the instruments below.




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