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The International Guitar Festival Rust was initiated in 1999. In March 2005, at its seventh edition, the festival had already become one of the most significant guitar festivals in Europe. The 11th anniversary edition, also dedicated to the magnificent John Duarte, is set for 5 to 9 April 2009

Five evening concerts, (Solo concerts, orchestra concerts, Flamenco concert and final concert of the winners of the competition) including presentation of prizes, master-courses, workshops, the International Guitar Competition John Duarte, the International Guitar Competition for Young Performers as well as an exhibition of instruments and notes are in the focus of interest. 

The  International Guitar Festival Rust 2009 is organized under the auspices of the following Committee of honor.


1.) Registrierung  John Duarte Competition 2009:

Bitte verwenden Sie folgendes Formular:   DUARTE   

2.) Registrierung nur für Teilnehmer der
Young Performers Competition 2009:

Bitte verwenden Sie folgendes Formular:   YOUNG PERFORMERS   

Vielen Dank!

1.) Registration  John Duarte Competition 2009:

Please use the following registration form:   DUARTE   

2.) Registration only for competitors of the
Young Performers Competition 2009:

Please use the following registration form:   YOUNG PERFORMERS   

Thank you!

Registrierung  für Teilnehmer, welche nur
Meisterkurse und/oder Konzerte besuchen möchten:

Bitte verwenden Sie folgendes Formular:   DUARTE   

Bitte verwenden Sie das Registrierungsformular John W. Duarte und kreuzen Sie Mastercourses und/oder Concerts an.
Workshops können kostenlos besucht werden.

Thank you!

Registration  for participants who only wish to join
Mastercourses and/or concerts:

Please use the following registration form:   DUARTE 

Please use the Registration sheet John W. Duarte und fill out only the checkboxes
Concerts and/or Master Courses.
Workshops are free of charge.

Vielen Dank!


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Information and Registration:

Tourismusverband Rust
A-7071 Rust, Rathaus - Conradplatz 1
Tel: +43 2685 / 502
Fax: +43 2685 / 502-10
HomePage: http://www.rust

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Tourismusverband Rust
Andrea Heckenast, Michaela Schrauf

Art direction

Gabriel Guillén
Jovan Pesec


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