classical.guitar - One of today’s most popular classical instruments, played by great artists like Segovia, Bream, Williams, Fisk, Guillén, etc. Most of the famous modern composers, like Britten, de Falla, Brouwer, Martin, Cibulka, Duarte, Koshkin, Pesec wrote special compositions for this instrument. It is all the more astonishing that it is more or less impossible to find a library for a sampler which supports the full range of a classical (nylonstring) guitar.


Joaquin Rodrigo "Concerto de Aranjuez - 2nd movement"

Gary Garritan's Orchestral Strings
Peter Siedlaczek's Advanced Orchestra

project.jovaluna To remedy this deficiency, Jovan Pesec, composer & founder of ( initiated the project jovaluna Its goal is to transfer the individual character and sound of three famous and excellent classical guitars to libraries for samplers. The sound of a guitar is highly sensitive, naturally it is not looped. So we decided to record each and every note of the guitars in at least 12 different “dimensions” (playing techniques). The samples were recorded with SONY DAT TCD-D3 and AKG C567 MICs. Hard disk recording & sample preparation was done with MOTU 828 and CoolEditPro. The libraries were programmed with Nemesys GigaStudio Editor.


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