"One of the guitar's needs at the present time is that for new repertory, neither couched in well established idioms nor those of the avant-garde, against which public taste rebels - adventurous and interesting but not unintelligible or pretentious! Jovan Pesec is well equipped to provide it." John W. Duarte
„a.l.e.p.p.o“ - this concerto is based on clavichord suite.bwv437 by George Frederic Handel and dedicated to the Syrian city of Aleppo and its inhabitants, who endured unfathomable destruction and suffering during the years of the war from 2012 to 2016. There are versions for: - piano.&.orchestra.&.synthesizer - guitar.&.orchestra.&.synthesizer - guitar.& strings.&.synthesizer
A taster of „lost.in.the.city“: https://youtu.be/Xrh98YfoZ0M
Mak Grgic & Jovan Pesec
Mak Grgic performs Jovan Pesec at „Musikverein Vienna“:
sonata.EBOLA.reloaded: https://youtu.be/YmEBPt2jMOM
A taster of „g.h.e.t.t.o“: https://youtu.be/xfAz8gCCsuw
concerto.novajor was recorded by studio.v4m.net in Vienna. Please visit following playlists: Youtube: http://yt.vu/p/PLDvRxavSmHjllwU63lEcN6o80eRIi9iGT SoundCLoud: https://soundcloud.com/studiov4mnet/sets/concerto-novajor Thank you!
The composition concerto.novajor of Jovan Pesec represents in form, scope and content a real rarity in the guitar-literature. It creates a mood, that the listener allows, to come to silence and escape from our hectic times. Graz, January 2019 Heinz Irmler
A taster of „h.o.m.e.l.e.s.s“ with Gabriel Guillén: https://youtu.be/d7koY8wKifs
28.07.2018 Internationales Gitarrenfestival Rust 2019 Seehof in Rust and Musikverein in Vienna: Alirio Diaz International Guitar Competition 14 April until 18 April 2019 With Anna Likhacheva ,Elena Papandreou, Oscar Ghiglia, Carlo Marchione,Thom Kerstens, Senio Diaz, Gabriel Guillen, Jovan Pesec, Heinz Irmler, Fotis Koutsothodorus, Eurostrings winners and more. Keep in touch.
rust.perpetuo2.composers.competition://winnersInternationales Gitarrenfestival Rust 2018 Place 1 Fotis Koutsothodorus (Greek) Place 2 Konstantin Vassiliev (Russia) Place 3 Javier Contreras (Chile) 25.03.2018  rust.perpetuo by Fotis Koutsothodorus
29.03.2018 Internationales Gitarrenfestival Rust 2018 Mac Grgic performed hommage.2.T by Jovan Pesec Location Seehof/Rust/Austria This was the first performance of hommage.2.T An extremely modern but very witty paraphrase on "Lagrima" by Francisco Tarrega. After various highs and lows, the composition ends with the original version of F. Tarrega. An excellent interpretation of Mak Grgic, acclaimed by the audience.
29.03.2018 Internationales Gitarrenfestival Rust 2018 Niklas Johansen & Andra Roberto performed lost.in.the.city composed by Jovan Pesec for guitarduo, voice & orchestra. Conductor: Claus Eickhoff Speaker: Oskar Marijan Orchestra: Horizon Youth Orchestra Location: Seehof/Rust/Austria This concert is based on the poem „Lost in the city“ by Guanell Rodjerry Oristel. A immigrant, who emigrated from Tahiti to the USA, wandered around New York City and was not able to manage for a long time. A very topical problem in our Vienna today too!.
25.03.2018 Internationales Gitarrenfestival Rust 2018 Oskar Marijan, Stefan Hackl & Richard Vaughan performed love.of.nature composed by Richard Vaughan for flute, guitar & voice. Flute: Oskar Marijan Guitar: Stefan Hackl Speaker: Richard Vaughan Location: Seehof/Rust/Austria A composition that has miraculously transferred the love of nature into music and was presented by the soloists congenially. The audience liked it very much!
16.03.2018 Internationales Gitarrenfestival Rust 2018 SHORTLIST - Composers Competition 2018 "Perpetuum Mobile" for Classical Guitar We got 29 submissions from the following countries: Germany, Russia, Iran, Chile, Spain, Venezuela, Italy, China, Argentina, Austria, Israel, Columbia, Great Britain, Greek, Poland, Cyprus, Slovakia and USA. "Congratulations to the members of the shortlist for their great contributions to our contest!" on behalf of the jury: Jovan Pesec, chairman of the Composers Competition
15.04.2017 Internationales Gitarrenfestival Rust 2017 Richard Vaughan performs study.in.contionous.movement. This was the winning composition of the 1.composers.competition of the Internationales Gitarrenfestival Rust 2017 This video was produced by studio.v4m.net, based on a recording of the composition by the composer himself!
rust.perpetuo 1.composers.competition://winners Internationales Gitarrenfestival Rust 2017 Place 1 Richard Vaughan (Germany) Place 2 Björnsosn Gulli (Iceland) Place 3 Mora-Jiménez Jose (Netherland)
Jovan Pesec Richard Vaughan Gabriel Guillén
just.PIANO … with Hiroyo Masumura Judith.P.Fischer on Facebook: Die CD "just.PIANO", produziert vom Studio www.v4m.net ist da. Hiroyo Masumura spielt darauf Beethoven, Chopin und "pour.REMI" von Jovan Pesec. Ich durfte das Coverfoto der jungen Pianistin machen.
25.03.2018 Internationales Gitarrenfestival Rust 2018 Sabine Thielman, Istvan Beke, Gabriel Guillen & Stefan Trifan performed J.S.Bach concerto.bwv.1061 arranged by Jovan Pesec for guitarquartet & strings. Conductor: Claus Eickhoff Strings: Horizon Youth Orchestra Location: Seehof/Rust/Austria The difficult task of transferring the concerto BWV 1061 for two harpsichords for guitar quartet was elegantly solved by Jovan Pesec. Soloists, orchestra and conductor played a major role in making the concert a great audience success.
1st International Composors Competition Rust 2017 for classical guitar Closing date: 28th February 2017 Subject: Composition of a piece for classical solo guitar (six strings) of a length between 2 and 4 minutes’ duration that can be described as an etude. Description: The idea of the competition is to encourage a range of 21st century responses to the genre of etudes. Entries will be judged according to composers’ ability to take on the challenge of writing a memorable, individual and truly contemporary piece of etude in a genre that crosses so many boundaries in music, with account also taken of skill in writing for the guitar. The competition is open to composers of all ages and nationalities Only unpublished and previously unperformed works may be submitted.
13.03.2018 Internationales Gitarrenfestival Rust 2018 This festival is over!
Diesen Sonntag wird das "Burgenland von oben" bei der ORF Sendung "Erlebnis Österreich" vorgestellt. Zu sehen sind die burgenländischen Kulturdenkmäler Schloss Esterházy, Burg Forchtenstein & Schloss Lackenbach. Save the date 5. August um 16:30 Uhr
Noch vor dem Sommer lädt Judith.P.Fischer zu ihrer bevorstehenden Ausstellung, gemeinsam mit Gottfried Ecker, ein: pillow.talk Mittwoch 5. August 2018 um 19 Uhr Galerie Straihammer und Seidenschwann Grünangergasse 8 1010 Wien www.galerie-sunds.at
Transilvania International Guitar Festival Gabriel Guillén posted on FACEBOOK: „Getting ready for tonight's recital: Gabriel Guillen. We start at 19:30 at the Piarist Church on University Street. Free entry. See you there!“
Composers Competition Rust 2019 was started. More information at : www.composerscompetition-rust.info
Impressions of the night of the museums in the Musée national d‘historie naturelle in Luxembourg. Premiere of the composition "alien.lullaby" by Jovan Pesec for flute, guitar, marimbafon and piano with the Ensemble ARS Nova Lux on October 14th, 2018 at 19:30 in the Musée national d‘historie naturelle. Performers: Kae Shiraki, Victor Kraus, Maria Miteva and Josip Dragnić. There is still no recording of the premiere. But an impression of the composition conveys the following video by studio.v4m.net: https://youtu.be/tbVN03tx3UI *) *) by synthesizer
Born in the Slovenian-speak-ing part of Carinthia (Austria), Jovan Pesec studied composition and piano at the Carinthian State Conservatory in Klagenfurt/Austria. At the same time, he taught himself to play the guitar. Subsequently, he took part in master classes with Heinz Irmler and Konrad Ragossnig . Alongside his musical training, Jovan Pesec also studied industrial and pro-cess engineering at the Technical University of Graz, obtaining both a degree and doctorate. While working for industrial companies, he turned his attention to composing, focusing initially on algorithmic music, the classical guitar, song, flute, cello, orchestra etc. … Whereas the.legend.of.novajor , m.a.n.d.r.a.g.o.r.a , moon.rain , twi.light , etc. display a neo-romantic style of composition, other compositions by Jovan Pesec, including zarkos.cry , alien.lullaby , v.i.r.u.s , mare.lunare , alira.soy, the.milky.way , einsteins.umbrella.lost.in.space , hommage.2.T , and cat.fight , gilmaranua and the.crab.nebula , break new ground by means of the interaction between computer- aided composition techniques (fractal and genetic algorithms), traditional harmonics and creative experi-mentation with the guitar. In 2002-2003, Jovan Pesec, together with the German guitar maker Frank-Peter Dietrich, designed the Jovaluna , a double-choired quart guitar, mainly built with Western wood and tuned to the primal tone of the moon (420.837 Hz). For this instrument, Pesec wrote a series of original compositions dealing with the moon alira.soy, mare.lunare and the.game and transcribed 3 Sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti, all of which were compiled under the title: die.geschichte.der.jovaluna (the.story.of.jovaluna) Jovan Pesec composed also a lot of concertos for Flute and Flute & orchestra, e.g. R.E.T.R.O performed with Oskar Marijan (flute) & Ruhrstadt Orchester under Claus Eickhoff.
© by Judith.P.Fischer
They said, "You have a blue guitar, You do not play things as they are." The man replied, "Things as they are Are changed upon the blue guitar." by Wallace Stevens
“The composition the.story.of.the.jovaluna of Jovan Pesec represents in form, scope and content a real rarity in the guitar-literature. It creates a mood, that the listener allows, to come to silence and escape from our hectic times.“.. Heinz Irmler
“As far as I know, v.i.r.u.s is the first composition for guitar, which was completely produced on the basis of a genetic code.Each of the six mutuations forms a individual microcosmfor itself, that combine the macrocosm of theHIV virus with the inexhaustible possibilities of the guitar. With this composition a door to a new composition technology for guitar was opened. With Jovan Pesec, member of the Board of the international Gitarrefestival Rust and Chairman of the composition competition, I have a long-standing, successful collaboration. A selection of joint projects can be found here.“ Gabriel Guillén
“The Concerto for Violoncello in C major (Hob.viib/1) was written between 1761 and 1765, Unpublished, it remained hidden until 1961, when it was discovered in Prague’s National Library. It seems to have been written for Joseph Weigl, a cellist in Prince Esterházy’s orchestra. To judge by the dazzling figurations of the first movement, he must have been a virtuoso. It perhaps suggests the late Baroque rather than the mature mastery of the Classical sonata form which Haydn later achieved, though one of its outstanding characteristics is the inventiveness which the composer displayed throughout his life. Of its suitability for transcription to the guitar there can be no doubt. Jovan Pesec’s version, done for the Venezuelan guitarist Gabriel Guillén, sounds as if it had been written for the guitar. It makes a valuable contribution to the guitar repertoire.“ Colin Cooper
"One of the guitar's needs at the present time is that for new repertory, neither couched in well established idioms nor those of the avant-garde, against which public taste rebels - adventurous and interesting but not unintelligible or pretentious! Jovan Pesec is well equipped to provide it". John W. Duarte
Under the direction of Jovan Pesec, the composition competition of the International Guitar Festival at Rust gives the opportunity for composers for the guitar of any age and nationality to share their work in a competitive and yet supportive culture. As a highly regarded composer himself, Jovan knows that talent from wherever it comes needs to be nurtured. The publication of all the works entered for all participants who take part, gives every competitor the opportunity to learn from their fellow artists and to develop their own skills.
Richard Vaughan
„A man of many talents, Jovan Pesec composed „sonata.p.04“ (hommage.a.domenico.scarlatti) based on „hebb“ and „k.011“ in September of 2007. The work is dedicated to me and forms part of his “project.gim://fractal.music”. It is a homage to Domenico Scarlatti and is based in part on my last name and the Sonata K 011 of Scarlatti.“ Bernard Hebb
„R.E.T.R.O is my personal favorite of Jovan Pesecs compositions. It is written in such an atypical manner that I couldn’t play it by intuition. While rehearsing the piece I went through various emotional stages. At the beginning it was truly infuriating, as the only way to learn the piece was trial and error. Still, after all the practice, the final product was more than worth it.“ Oskar Marijan
The beautiful work "pour.remi" by Jovan Pesec is a lovesong, not only to hear longing and sweet melody, but also to remember deep melancholy moments. With the sweetness and melancholy comes the memory of Remi, the young girlfriend of the composer, who died in early childhood of polio. The piece was written for a composition contest, and I was allowed to perform it for the recording. Fortunately, our cooperation was the result of the production of the CD "just.piano!" On this record you can also hear the Moonlight Sonata of Beethoven and four short works by Chopin. Hiroyo Masumura vial Mail
Für Jovan Pesec ist kein Auftrag unmöglich, sei es z.B. die Komposition "Quokoo!" für zwei Gitarren und Flöte anlässlich einer Kuckucksuhren- Ausstellung in der Schwerter St. Viktor- Kirche oder das Arrangement des Bachschen Cembalo-Doppelkonzerts für vier Gitarren und Orchester zur Eröffnung des Internationalen Gitarrenfestivals Rust 2018! Und immer ist das Ergebnis klanglich überaus ansprechend. Mach Dich noch auf einiges gefasst, Jovan! Sabine Thielmann, Gitarre - vial Mail
Der Komponist Jovan Pesec betraute mich mit dem Dirigat zweier jüngerer Werke, dem Konzert „R.E.T.R.O“ für Flöte und Orchester (2016) als Erstaufführung in Deutschland anlässlich des 25-jährigen Bestehens des Ruhrstadt Orchesters Schwerte in 2017 und dem Konzert „lost.in.the.city“ für Stimme, 2 Gitarren, Streicher, Syndizier u. drone (2017) zur Uraufführung im Abschlusskonzert des Internationalen Gitarrenfestivals in Rust (Österreich) in 2018. Beide Werke, so unterschiedlich sie sind, wirken nach: - R.E.T.R.O, im barocken Stil, aber in origineller zeitgemäßer Tonsprache, lebt von der Spannung zwischen Kantilene und Virtuosität. Viel Applaus ist dem Stück sicher. - lost.in.the.city, nach einem Text von Guanel Rodjerry Oristel, ist ganz und gar Ausdruck unserer Zeit. Die Verlorenheit zumal als Fremder in der heutigen Großstadt. Keine Ansprache, Ignoranz, Gleichgültigkeit, heimatlose Einsamkeit, kein Happy End sondern Schrei aus der Not. Musik, die fasziniert in der Betroffenheit. Eine Herausforderung für Dirigent und Musiker. Beide Werke sind eine Bereicherung der Konzertliteratur. Dem Komponisten danke ich für das Vertrauen, das er in meine Leitung gesetzt hat. Wir planen „lost.in.the.city“ als deutsche Erstaufführung in der Spielzeit 2019 des Ruhrstadt Orchesters. Danke und Anerkennung dem Komponisten Jovan Pesec. Möge ihm sein Schaffensdrang noch lange erhalten bleiben. Claus Eickhoff vial Mail
Der Titel der Arbeit „Cascade“, eine Kunst-am-Bau Arbeit, die ich 2004 für die Handelsakademie in Korneuburg gestaltete, ist gleichzeitig das Thema des Werkes. Das Wort Cascade bedeutet Wasserfall. Hand in Hand mit der optischen Umsetzung, den Wasserfall in seiner sinnlichen Fülle darzustellen, komponierte Jovan Pesec dazu eine Klangflut aus computergenerierten Tönen und Klängen, die langsam anschwellen und die Assoziation zu fließendem Wasser, Wasserfall, Wasserstrudel, Wasserrauschen, Wellenklängen assoziiert. Die Komposition, die bei der feierlichen Eröffnung den Besucherinnen und Besuchern der Schule zu Gehör gebracht wurde, erfüllte das Atrium des (in dem die Cascade zu sehen ist) mit klanglicher Fülle - eigenständig und innovativ. So kann die Musik in der Folge auch ohne optische Cascade gehört und gespielt werden, weil vor dem inneren Auge ganz automatisch das Bild eines Wasserfalles entsteht. Ein Klangbild, das seine Gültigkeit nicht verliert. Judith P. Fischer, 2018 c.a.s.c.a.d.e by Jovan Pesec
Jovan Pesec started an amazing composition competition, which gives amazing composers from all over the world the precious opportunity to share their works with other musicians. Jovan is an amazing composer and musician himself, his creation and brilliant idea for this phenomenal platform for others should be greatly appreciated. He is also a great teacher, who bring about and guided Oskar Marijan, his sun and a great flutist, in the path of becoming a virtuoso musician. James Chiang vial Mail
Jovan Pesec is a composer of wit and charm. Nowadays, when the art of composing is full of philosophy and oppressive weight, there are glimpses of natural musicality out there. Johann’s music evokes such effortlessness. Whether composing or through-composing, he plays with musical material as if it was the most easy thing to do. When learning his piece, Hommage 2 T, the music flowed through my fingers from the first touch. The piece was funny, musical and joyful. Thus, I look forward to seeing Johann’s opus grow prosperously and hope there will be more of his works for me to learn! Mak Grgic
Mit Jovan Pesec verbindet mich eine langjährige künstlerische Zusammenarebeit im Zuge deren ich nicht nur Bekanntschaft mit seinen außergewöhnlichen Kompositionen, basierend auf Genmaterial oder Sternenkonstellationen, machen sondern auch ein für mich neues und faszinierendes Gitarreninstrument, nämlich die von Jovan entworfene Jovaluna (sic!) kennenlernen durfte. Erfolgreiche Konzerte mit ebendiesem Instrument, meisterhaft interpretiert von Heinz Irmler, ebenso wie mit Jovans begeisternden Bearbeitungen diverser Instrumentalkonzerte für Gitarre waren und sind die äußerst kreativen Früchte dieser Zusammenarbeit.. Georg Kugi, 2018
Wir haben gestern bei der Nacht der Museen in Luxemburg das Stück „alien.lullaby“ von Jovan Pesec bei der Ausstellung „Otherworlds“ im Naturhistorischen Museum gespielt. Der Klang war himmlisch. Die Wahl der Instrumente bei diesem Stück ist sehr gut überlegt! Die schallenden Wellen des Vibraphons mischen sich beruhigend und gleichzeitig geheimnisvoll mit dem Klang der Flöte in der tiefen Lage und lassen die Gitarre, in monotonen Achteln, Einen in ein Land der Träume entführen. Die Harmonien des Klaviers erden die Stimmung und runden den Zauber ab.Bei der Kulisse der Ausstellung hat dieses Stück eine unglaublich überirdische Atmosphäre geschaffen. Danke, lieber Jovan! Maria Miteva, 2018
Compositions by Jovan Pesec are published by
Joseph Haydn Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra in C Major HobVIIb/1 gabriel.guillén & hungarian.philharmonic.orchestra conductor:georg.kugi arranger:jovan.pesec
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